Super army style

I never would have guessed that I, too, would one day shoot. I didn`t know it could be that interesting. And I have to confess to you, though, at first, I was really worried about taking the gun in my hand. I didn`t know anything about it, and I was afraid I was going to mess up. When my friend and I came to the shooting range Praha Outbackprague afterwards, I didn`t know how to behave there. And what am I supposed to do? My hands were sweaty, and I was shaking. Even my voice was different, so horrible and sad. I didn`t know how I could even hold a gun. And then when two nice gentlemen from the staff came to see us, they took us in and explained everything in peace. But me and my friend were still so uncomfortable, and I felt like a little kid who was lost in a park somewhere and couldn`t find my mom.

The long weapons are hard.

And while a friend, she was fine. Quite interesting, but also very good behaviour. I later learned that my friend had already been here twice in the shooting range in Prague and that she had had some experience with it. So, I`ve had experience zero. But I still wanted to try this, but despite my fear, I finally committed myself.

I like army style.

And I told myself that we only lived once and that we could try more in life. So, in my opinion, I went for it. I figured it was now or never. So, I picked up the gun to heft it. I have to say, even the smallest gun there was very heavy. I didn`t get discouraged and I tried it was great. The shooting range in Prague is perfect and I can recommend it to you. And you`re going to have a lot of fun and adrenaline there, thinking about it for a few days. Or would you be afraid to hold a gun and shoot a target? But believe me, this is the shooting, and you will be very surprised. Prague is really perfect, and I encourage you to try this. And I think it is very good present for someone.